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Welcome to Dr. Kidd’s Web Site Drs. Phil and Leslie Kidd have given their lives to cross this great nation allowing Dr. Kidd to reach many souls for the cause of Christ. His ministry has extended into tent revivals, camp meetings, church revivals, and youth camps all across The United States and other countries.    The demand for his ministry has also permitted him to produce hundreds of tapes and CD's that are now available through this site. He has published a book on courtship and marriage that is a must to every believer that desires God's blessings on their union.    Dr. Kidd is well known for his uncompromising stand against sin as well as his great love to reach the lost world with The Gospel. Buildings everywhere overflow with crowds that drive long distances to hear this man of God thunder God's Word. His labor has not been without persecution and misunderstandings. Yet after all of these years he still presses on with a desire to be faithful to his Wonderful Saviour.    Please allow this site to introduce to you one of God's anointed men of our day. We hope you will take time to read the monthly article as well as visit the guestbook and leave your comments. We have also provided a free download CD preached by Dr. Kidd to all of those that desire to hear his message, available on the guestbook  page.    Over 1,000,000 viewers have visited this site and we count it a joy to now include you into that number. God bless you for stopping by and we trust you enjoy your visit with us. Every  Friday Evening: 8:30pm - 9:00pm (EST) and Every Sunday Morning: 12:00pm (EST) Dr. Kidd preaches live from Emmaus Baptist Church Dr. Kidd is now broadcasting on Living Faith click here to watch Follow Dr Kidd on Facebook and Twitter@drphilkidd